Acknowledgments - Laudatio

to those whose sponsorship and support made this book possible:

Paul Leinburd (Lauren Simona and Cole Nathaniel)
Sorel & Judy Leinburd (Jacob and Noah), whose   
generous and unique contribution "turned the tide".

They dedicated it to the memory of their beloved father, Jacob Leinburd (Dec. 5, 1919-May 21, 1987) and in appreciation of their dear mother Betty Leinburd (Calmanovici, born in Falticeni near Suceava), who kept alive their past, so that they can have a better future.

Mimi (Margalit) Artzi - the first to contribute - in memory of her parents Rachel and Dov (Berl) Liquornik, natives of Suceava, in memory of her husband Ytzhak Artzi and in remembrance of her ancestral Schapira family, originating from Suceava.

Senta (n. Altmann) and Dov Krams - in memory of her beloved parents Gusta (n. Schmelzer) and David Altmann, veteran Zionist activists in Suceava and after their arrival in Israel (1950).

Ada and Chaim Noy (Eidale - n. Schwarz - & Zoniu Neuberger) - in memory of their dear parents Vica and Yoel-David Schwarz and Shoshi and Avraham Neuberger.

Freddy Shany (Roth) - in memory of his beloved and generous parents Josef Roth and Sally Roth-Levine (n. Strassner), of his aunts (n. Strassner) and husbands - Sabine Hausvater, Rita and Sammy Rosenthal, Erna and Eliezer Riegler - as well as in remembrance of his wife's, Drora, good and righteous parents - Hanna and Zeev Suesskind, and their Holocaust victims family.

Chaya Sherf - in memory of Prof. Libi Sherf, her beloved husband, the prolific and conscientious scientist, the physician missed by all those who benefited from his warmhearted, faithful treatment and his deep compassion with suffering human beings.

Alexander-Eugen and Bertha Weitmann, in memory of his beloved and much esteemed parents Coca and Dr. Adolf Weitmann, who were closely involved in the Suceava community, to which Dr. Weitmann had a decades long, staunch and loyal commitment.

The "World Organization of Bukovina Jews", its President Yitzhak Yalon and Vice-presidents Jakob Weiner and Isahar Locker, who recognised the importance of our project and contributed to its realization.

The members of the "Association of Former Residents of Suceava (Shotz) and Surroundings" and their families (see list above) who, by their encouragement, contributions and/or membership dues, enabled for four long years the daily activity of the Association and the pursuit of our goal, this Book.


Much appreciation and gratitude are due to all those who helped us in this project, by providing advice, documentation or deed, in any of the various stages of research, writing and production of the Book: Freddy Anschel, Marcel Biener, Martin Gidron, Achim Hopmeier  Josef (Julku) Klein, Paul Leinburd, Norman Manea, Ytzhak (Tutiu) Yalon, Carol Zwilling, the late Ytzhak Artzi, the late Dr. Adolf Weitmann, "Yad Vashem" (Zvi Bernhardt) and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Library (Henry Mayer and Michlean L. Amir). Special thanks to Neora for initiating and setting up the website: