Memorial Tablet / End

Dear Members of the Association, 

  The Unveiling Ceremony of the Memorial Tablet
      for our Communities’ Holocaust Victims

took place, as announced on Tuesday, September 9, 2008

at the Yad Vashem Memorial Cave in Jerusalem.  About
80 members and guests participated in this touching and  
impressive event. The only one from abroad who took    
pains in coming to be with us was again Paul Leinburd  
from Canada. 

Following this and the
publication of our Book, the activity 
of our Association comes to a close.

You may contact us (through any of the channels below) 
until the end of 2008. Our website will be accessible all 
through 2009

We wish you all a Happy New Year and a well deserved,
long and fulfilling life. 

With friendly regards, 

The Committee and the Editors           September 2008

The Book is still available (the cost of the set of two volumes
is NIS 150 & NIS 100 any additional set + mailing costs) at the

Organization of the Jews of Bucovina:

12 Arnon St., Tel-Aviv 
Phone: 972-3-5226619 (Dalia - in the mornings).

or (until the end of 2008) directly from the:

Association of Former Residents of Suceava
P.O.B. 3742, Romema,
Haifa 31037, Israel

Phones: 04-8705792 (Simha Weissbuch), 
             04-8245382 (Yehuda Tenenhaus),

             04-8223361 (Meir Kostiner).

For any questions, please contact the above or: